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About us



Sugar Paper Blue is a thoughtfully curated concept store for the little ones curated by the downtown NYC mom. 

With an interior design background living in New York City, I have developed my love for architecture, art and design. For over a decade I worked at an Internationally renowned design firm and have worked on high end hospitality to high end residential projects.

After the birth of my daughter I was inspired to established Sugar Paper Blue with the support from my wonderful husband, parents and friends."Dress your child with the cutest outfit when they are adorably cute" is what my husband and I believe. We carefully select edgy, bold, playful yet timeless pieces for children newborn to four years old. 

Sugar Paper Blue also firmly believes in providing the best quality products for the little ones. Sugar Paper Blue products are unique in design and are sustainable products. We appreciate your support in this belief to support independent designers and the environment. 


Why Sugar Paper Blue?

Sugar Paper Blue is named for the paper once used to wrap sugar, Azzuro Carta da Zucchero. It was named by my dear friend 'cm'. 

We hope to share what inspires us from New York City- a city full of art and culture from around the globe. 

#sugarpaperblue - We love to see you! You can reach us by 'contact us' at the footer or email us at info@sugarpaperblue.com

With lots of love- xoxo